​When most people hear the term ‘concierge’ they think of the hotel employee, poised behind the lobby desk ready to help guests with anything from clean towels to classical opera tickets. However, Sandeep Kumar Aggarwal of SKA Management has innovated “The World Concierge” that has evolved to take on an altogether new meaning. In due course, ‘concierge’ came to stand for the keepers of keys at hotels. By the 1980s this job role had evolved to welcoming and assisting guests throughout their stay – a position integral to any luxury hotel today.

In the modern era, concierge services are not limited to the confines of a hotel however; they have been transformed into ‘Lifestyle Management’ that caters to every aspect of busy, contemporary life. The high pace of life has helped raise the concierge business. Concierge companies are now responsible for making far more than reservations. Sandeep Kumar Aggarwal is the prime example of the evolution. He founded The World Concierge in 2012, a company managed by SKA Management.

Concierge companies have begun to work together in order to expand their data base and their customer list. Concierge companies have figured out that working together can benefit the group and expand their companies directly or indirectly. Not only is SKA Management known for the over the top success but Sandeep Kumar Aggarwal is a contributor in changing the game, they solitary provide service to invite only members. In essence, The World Concierge exclusive lifestyle members don’t just get access to the world’s finest establishments; they receive unlimited exclusive benefits. These are not members that skip the queue to that coveted start studded events, but they are actually the celebrities themselves. The world concierge is at the summit of this new breed of concierge.

With the The World Concierge, the changing face of concierge is set to continue. Introducing a new world members only concierge, where you have the world’s hottest recommendations at your fingertips and the ability to place requests. Sandeep Kumar Aggarwal has revolutionized the concierge experience further than a ‘comte des cierges’ could ever have imagined.