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At SKAOLOGY, we seek to ensure that our work positively impacts the overall well-being of our direct clients as well as our community and the wider world. We engage in environmentally friendly business practices designed to optimize the overall potential for people to live healthier, better lives. This is not only our responsibility but also our passion. We believe in fostering inclusion and expanding opportunities for all people to access cultural and artistic events at fair prices. Our values are determined by the multifaceted network of individuals and conditions we aim to foster and support. Driven by these core values, we uphold strong social responsibility commitments to Our People, Our Business, Our Environment, and Our Communities.


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Company Values


We work collaboratively and cohesively to achieve success and to reach joint objectives. This means setting clear targets for improving individual and team performance.


Identifying problems and opportunities in order to offer appropriate advice. The result is our own growth and assisting others to grow. Thinking in terms of solutions, with our client always in the centre of attention.


Making progress through developments and not standing still applies to our production methods, and certainly also to the knowledge level of our employees. This way we remain pro-active and we continue to devote our energy to quality.


Quick to adapt when this is necessary and working under the motto ‘lessons learnt’.


Acting in accordance with agreements, both internally and externally, and delivering quality – that is how the market perceives our products and us


Our employees are aware that each employee is an important link in the entire process regardless of his or her function.

Workplace and Employees

At SKAOLOGY, the human resources mission is organized around two themes: contributing to the development of the company through the growth of all employees based on their desire to always take on challenges and make improvements; and achieving both corporate development and employee growth under optimal conditions.

Respect for Human Rights
SKAOLOGY has established a basic policy on respect for human rights. SKAOLOGY works to raise awareness of human rights while thoroughly implementing the policy group-wide. SKAOLOGY is also creating a framework for human rights due diligence.

Global Human Resources Strategy.
SKAOLOGY has started creating a global human resources strategy as it looks to further expand its business outside USA.

Building Workplaces for a Diverse Workforce
SKAOLOGY has launched a diversity project focused on enabling all employees to perform at their full potential and reach even greater heights.

Creating Supportive Workplaces
SKAOLOGY develops various support systems and is committed to creating a culture of mutual acceptance of diverse styles of working. The Green Office.

Effectively appointing and deploying employees
Motivating employees to take on challenges, SKAOLOGY works to maintain a healthy corporate culture where fairness and impartiality are valued in all promotion decisions. The company uses a merit-driven system combined with a performance-based approach to evaluate employees and determine compensation.

Promoting health and safety initiatives for employees
Initiatives for health and safety, SKAOLOGY seeks to build work environments where all employees of the group can work with peace of mind

Responsibilities to Customers

SKAOLOGY is recognized by the market for its commitment to treating customer’s right. The company constantly strives to ensure its business management is worthy of customer confidence.

Service Development and Initiatives
SKAOLOGY provides services with new value and helps create new cultural phenomena. SKAOLOGY’s product development concept is simple: “how can we make it better”

Intellectual Property Initiatives
SKAOLOGY implements proactive intellectual property programs in accordance with its management strategy, aiming to protect its business and increase profit.

Activities to Improve Customer Satisfaction
Improving Customer Satisfaction, SKAOLOGY has established an organization dedicated to customer satisfaction which reports directly to the president and is pursuing greater customer satisfaction by implementing its basic policy consisting of major customer satisfaction initiatives.

Responsibility to Clients, B2B and Suppliers

SKAOLOGY has established Policies in order to execute its social responsibility to conduct fair and equitable transactions. The policies cover matters including legal compliance, respecting human rights, labor, safety, and health, as well as environmental protection. SKAOLOGY aims to fulfill its social responsibilities, including compliance with relevant laws and social norms, and protection of the environment, through fair and equitable transactions throughout by strengthening partnership with suppliers.

Fair and equitable transactions

SKAOLOGY carries out fair and equitable transactions by providing equal opportunities to all suppliers (and candidates) in and outside US in accordance with its internally established procedures.

Compliance with laws and social norms

SKAOLOGY’s procurement activities comply with all relevant laws, social norms, standards and treaties worldwide, including the protection of human rights, the prohibition of child labor, forced labor and discrimination, and avoiding the use of conflict minerals, and respect for freedom of association, the right to associate, and the right to collective bargaining, as well as ensure that absolutely no contact is made with organized criminal elements. Therefore, SKAOLOGY requires its suppliers to observe the same legal and social requirements.

Environmental protection

SKAOLOGY helps to protect the global environment through environmentally friendly procurement, which is based on the SKAOLOGY Environmental Vision and SKAOLOGY’s Environmental Declaration, in cooperation with suppliers.

Policies on supplier selection and transaction continuation
SKAOLOGY initiates and continues transactions with suppliers based on comprehensive evaluation criteria, which include compliance with laws and social norms, environmental protection, proper information security, respect for intellectual property, sound and stable corporate management, superior technological development ability, right price and quality, stable supply capabilities and electronic transaction systems.

Securing right price and quality

SKAOLOGY endeavors to secure right price and quality in order to provide its customers with stable supply of optimal products, which ensures that SKAOLOGY gains the full confidence of customers around the world.

Prohibition of personal-interest relationships

SKAOLOGY does not allow any employees to have personal-interest relationships with any suppliers.


Fulfilling social responsibilities together with our business partners

In order to ensure compliance with the Policies together with its alliances, SKAOLOGY has established the Supplier Guidelines. All of SKAOLOGY’s suppliers in USA and elsewhere have agreed to these guidelines to help SKAOLOGY fulfill its social responsibilities.

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Make a Donation


SKAOLOGY is committed to becoming a good corporate citizen, building strong relationships of shared values with our stakeholders and community organizations. We aim to enhance quality of life in our local and global communities through financial and voluntary contributions that add lasting value to our society and to future generations.

Charities, Sponsorships, and Donations.

We seek to have a positive impact on education through arts and cultural awareness, as well as the promotion of environmental sustainability via clean water as a solution to breaking the cycle of poverty. As hospitality and lifestyle management service providers, we are keenly aware of the intersection between water scarcity, food security, and climate change.

Our charitable contributions in this regard will be specifically targeting the issue of safe drinking water and the discontinuation of preventable diseases and ailments such as cholera, dysentery, and trachoma, and by extension creating enduring economic opportunities for families trapped by lack of access to water.

Measure Value of Support

Our Foundation’s signature programs proudly nurture the creative potential of children in underprivileged communities locally and globally, ensuring that they have ownership of materials and resources that would enable them to enjoy equal advantages so that they may flourish fully.

We also understand that addressing clean water issues through water bottle and financial donations is an insufficient solution that offers limited relief that creates material waste and unnecessary dependence. We strive to provide long-range solutions that target root causes by improving employment, raising quality of life, opening up educational and creative opportunities, and creating livable standards within communities we serve.

Our medical initiatives simplify accessibility and treatment of diseases and ailments arising from lack of access to clean water. We tap into resources and expertise in medical technologies at the forefront of combatting water-based illnesses and support them. Our most significant intervention involves creating financial incentives for farmers to find different ways of using water efficiently since agricultural water consumption makes up the bulk (70%) of global water use.

Cash and In-kind

Deeply committed to giving back to our local communities, we give support to local charities and organizations with an annual budget that includes $_ in cash. Other initiatives demonstrating commitment to our causes include in-kind support in time, resources, and assets.

Key Partners

We have established strong partnerships that effectively double our impact, and provide ongoing support for organizations that work to promote education and sustainability. We also applaud those who are working for the greater good of our world to support learning and poverty alleviation.


Our Foundation and its strategic partnering is a boost to our local and national economy that we hope will have a huge impact at the global level in the long-run via the creation of jobs and educational opportunities that keep on giving through the lives that our work is able to touch. We hope to stimulate communities that are facing increasingly greater survival risks as impending food and water scarcity worsens their living conditions and their access to viable livelihoods.

Support with Planning Applications and Developments

Where possible, we aim to offer support to organizations needing aid in planning applications throughout their process of seeking permission for a proposed development and building works.

Local Government Recognition

We aspire to be a model business that represents and creates opportunities for people. We develop employee talent and construct a culture of civic engagement so that everyone is able to pour everything they have into making a difference to individuals who need our assistance in our business as well as our society.

Employee Involvement

We believe that our collective power to make change as a business depends on the goodwill and culture of giving that we nurture at work and the opportunities we create for our employees to join efforts. We are joyful supporters of employee causes which align with our missions, through a matching donation program. Our goal is to maximize our positive impact on society, starting from within SKAOLOGY.

Good PR

Employer branding is one of our strategies for successful recruitment, which is one of the most important aspects of achieving growth. Every employee is a valuable acquisition that can help us to move our business forward in the right direction. We are conscientious and aware about how and where we attract potentials, relying largely on content marketing and e-publishing to achieve our goal. We share our work culture on social media and write about how it informs our day-to-day decision-making. Our reputation as career mentors also strategically attracts millennials looking to stand out as the best of their generation.

New skills for employees

At SKAOLOGY, we believe that our employees are our best assets and that their competence is teachable. We depend on positive reinforcement and self-empowerment to build up purposeful and happy workers. We encourage employees to take ownership of their work responsibilities while cultivating growth-oriented lives, striving for personal excellence in everything they pursue. We expect them to be knowledgeable and resourceful by modeling continuous learning.

During our performance planning cycle, we allow for employees to honestly appraise their job responsibilities to determine areas of shortfalls or under-utilized skills. Our discussions lead to a development plan where employees establish clear and achievable goals and deliverable targets for themselves. Valuable keynote speakers are invited to lead workshops and classes to guide and support employees in the integration of their ideas into their job responsibilities. We rely on effective, focused coaching to give our employees feedback on the status of their performance objectives and offer performance reviews to re-evaluate employee contributions during our annual appraisal period.

Opportunities are available through supervisor-to-peer coaching sessions, rotating work assignments, committee assignments, mentoring opportunities, internships, skills assessment meetings, and identifying adult extension programs at the university level to promote further educational growth so that each employee can continue to develop.


We implement a creative recruitment strategy that involves group interaction to see how people behave in group settings and if they would be a good fit for our corporate culture. Interactive interviews help us to assess character, drive, initiative, interests, verbal/written/interpersonal communication skills, knowledge, and emotional/stress management. Individual interviews allow us to narrow down the best hires overall.

Reputation as Good Employer

We identify and bring on-board people who possess enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and the flexibility to fulfill a variety of roles in our business so that their contribution evolves as we grow. Our employees our family. Everyone functions very much as a team of talented people whose careers we aim to nurture through providing the right kinds of challenges for each individual. It is vital to us that SKAOLOGY’s employees are happy and excited about the work that they do. Our success stems from that happiness, as happiness results in passionate productivity and resourcefulness.





SKAOLOGY is dedicated to establishing relationships with socially and environmentally conscientious clients and partners who consider the consequences of our shared decision-making as regards our people and our planet. Our partnerships begin with shared core values of active engagement in sustainability efforts in promotion of the ethical preservation of our planet and of fair labor rights, as the basis of our responsibilities to our world. Our mission and vision reflect our aims to protect our most precious environmental assets for present and future generations while simultaneously inspiring other organizations, businesses, and individuals to join us in setting truly progressively initiatives and achieving them as we move forward together.


Management of waste is among our top priorities for our daily operations, informing how we work to create a cleaner, healthier, more livable, and energy-efficient future. We uphold the highest standards of energy efficiency and occupational health not simply for fiscal soundness but because they align with our core values of accountability for our actions and achieving maximized benefits for all through work that leaves a legacy of social goodwill.


As SKAOLOGY looks to expand globally, we recognize the need not only of environmentally-friendly product design but also accessibility to recycling services. We aim to collaborate with companies and organizations along our value chain to maximize the recyclability of all our products’ packaging so our valued clients can stay committed to the goals of minimizing waste and making conscientious decisions via consumption of products with the capacity to be reused as valuable raw material.

Waste generated

We are committed to reducing waste through caring purchasing policies, disposal techniques, and extending clients’ ability to significantly reduce impact of wastes, working within the structures of federal and local government policies to expand our accessibility to paper mills and plastic processors where clients are served. To promote significant thought and behavior changes, we will maximize our green potential. All waste produced is thoughtfully recycled, including paper, utensils, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, batteries, printer toner cartridges, and electronic equipment. All physical products contain visuals encouraging green behavior and the need to keep recyclables out of landfills.

Hazardous waste

We aim to involve our stakeholders in more informed decision-making to help stamp out socially irresponsible behaviors and business practices where cost constraints and the inconvenience of proper disposal of toxic waste increases opportunities for non-application of legislation in this regard. We will also monitor production lines to ensure everything follows our vision to protect human health and the environment.


We will continue to drive our work towards the direction of meeting safe handling practices through the EPA’s Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) as well as staying actively aware of illegal trading of hazardous waste, making sure that we meet environmental regulatory requirements while avoiding inadvertent corroboration of downstream exports to developing nations.

Reduced landfill costs

We strive not only to source reusable raw material from efficient outlets but also to minimize lasting damage to the environment in landfills through rethinking how we can further enhance our reduction, recycling, and reuse efforts, and to promote environmentally conscientious decisions within our business as well as in our clients and partners’ lives.

Compliance for suppliers and customers

Our business practices adapt to the environmental and safety standards of the communities in which we operate, and all our key business decisions regarding design, distribution, and use of our products and services have long-range sustainability, safety, health, and fairness considerations in mind. We continue to monitor new legislative developments to stay in compliance with the highest applicable legal and ethical standards.


As climate change and population growth take effect on the availability and quality of our water supplies, SKAOLOGY stands behind the idea that access to unlimited clean freshwater is a basic human right and an ethical issue; as such, it should be prioritized for people everywhere. We work to protect these rights, continuing our research on sustainable water use and greener methods of production so as to stay educated on issues of freshwater scarcity and management as well as corporate responsibility for impacts on water resources.

Water Use

Our goal is to establish partnerships with those who are active participants in the dialogue on clean drinking water, whose aims are to resolve our global fresh water sustainability challenges and to collaboratively reduce water footprints for the ultimate purposes of enhancing livelihood and reducing poverty and sickness from clean water shortage.

Health-related issues surrounding water require prompt attention, and we are concerned with joining clean water and sanitation efforts to reduce childhood and maternal mortality rates, the spread of major diseases such as malaria, and the effective care of HIV/AIDS patients and other immunocompromised individuals who require access to clean, safe water.

Control Programs

As good citizens on water issues, it is our public duty to monitor and control how we receive our water, and to make certain that our business practices and those of our partners do not inadvertently burden our water supplies. To responsibly meet the challenges of sustainable development, we aim to keep water use in our supply chains as well as our own in-house operational water footprint at sustainable levels. Such a goal reflects the disciplined effort we put forth to safeguard our collective precious right to this natural resource while creating shared value with our stakeholders.

Reduce costs

We discourage the use of plastic water bottles and any unnecessary plastics, as well as non-participation in purchasing products from companies that notoriously misuse or monopolize water resources, while encouraging sustainable patterns of consumption and production via cleaner production initiatives, increased standards, dialogue, regulations, and overall continuous improvement in corporate practices and development of safe drinking water technologies and waste management.

Reduce impact on environment and natural resources

We endeavor to minimize our contribution to “peak water” by staying at the forefront of this development as it begins to unfold in the years to come, reducing our own use, waste, and cost, as well as following up on our network of suppliers and sub-suppliers to stay clear of tangential environmental degradations that exacerbate an already urgent issue.


SKAOLOGY is dedicated in responding to the energy impacts of running a business by working to reduce our carbon emissions and promoting sustainable behavior at every level of operation. Mindfulness and conscientious partnerships are key to how we conduct ourselves in terms of energy sustainability.

Energy Used

Employees are motivated to be resourceful and efficient with their energy consumption, and our growth-oriented mindset also means that we are constantly identifying areas for improvement, especially in sharing knowledge and tips, from energy-efficient brands to energy-efficient suppliers who can help us to minimize our carbon usage.

Control Programs

Our business’ estimated annual energy operating cost and carbon footprint will be reported by an internal sustainability monitoring team to identify where we may cut down on extraneous use as well as costs in product and services delivery at the local, national, and global level. CO2 emissions in electricity, gas, and business travel will be monitored and analyzed for reduction opportunities. Our employees also receive engaging practical knowledge, from proper recycling and disposal of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to smarter methods of energy conservation and energy efficiency in transportation.

Reduce Costs

At each operation site, energy use is monitored for reviewing to maximize emission savings and minimize energy use in building maintenance and travel. In-house energy efficiency behaviors are refined by conscious powering down of 4-way extensions at end of day, turning off unused electronic equipments and monitors, and switching off appliances and power sources not being used. Video and teleconferencing are preferential over unnecessary travels to remote meeting sites.

Additional facilities are provided to cyclists, and carpooling is encouraged by creating maps of convenience so that employees can strategize on multiple and/or collective modes of travel. Low-emission vehicles are prioritized in instances of rental or private cars for business purposes, and flights are limited to necessary trips subject to approval from the CEO. We also prioritize buying local and from ethical suppliers wherever possible.

Reduce impact on environment and natural resources

We strive to stay educated and updated on best practices for reducing energy consumption. This is important to us because we wish to promote a more progressive, forward-thinking lifestyle and to uphold practicable sustainability principles across all business functions and procurements.


At SKAOLOGY, we are effortful about creating an eco-friendly business culture and becoming a leading example for others. To appropriately manage our burgeoning waste stream arising from increased and often unnecessary product packaging, we stand by a minimalist approach. Preceding each procurement, the life-cycle of the product is thoughtfully considered. Awareness is instrumental to how we identify opportunities and develop strategies for cutting down operational cost and reducing excessive material use.

Types Used

We strongly encourage ethically sourced, reusable cloth bags over plastic bags, reusable coffee cups and water bottles over plastic bottles, and recycled paper, toilet paper, and tissue. Our paper products are part of the recycle system, and wherever possible, we prefer digital or physical products with lasting value over products comprised of throwaway packaging. Employees are encouraged to print only what is necessary and to use double-sided printing except for truly important documents.

Other environment-friendly office supplies and behaviors we implement to reduce general office waste include staple-free staples, reuse of large envelopes and boxes, refraining from colored paper and manila envelopes or envelopes with bubble wrap, and refillable ink and toner cartridges. Coffee mugs are available at work for all employee use. Other hard to recycle items such as sharpie pens and tape dispenser cores are collected and sent to a Terracycle facility.


Our business is committed to procuring products and services that minimize our environmental impact.
We expect our employees to act in compliance with applicable legislation, continuously improving upon knowledge of environmentally accountable supply chain management and correctly assessing supplier sustainability credentials to circumvent compromises to our corporate responsibility principles.
We are committed to implementing evolving internal policies that minimize material use, reducing overall waste and collaborating with suppliers to source materials sustainably.

Recycled materials consumed

On a regular basis, our business most consumes recycled paper, cardboard, magazines, newspaper, printer toner cartridges, and toiletries.

Materials recycled

We regularly recycle the following materials: office paper, junk mail, tissue boxes, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, food packaging (unwaxed), paper milk and juice cartons, empty paper coffee cups, pizza boxes, brown paper bags, metal and tin beverage containers, aluminum and alum take-out containers, utensils, cardboard, plastic, clear glass and glass food containers, beer and wine bottles, all plastics #1-7, screw top jars, soap bottles, magazines, newspaper, soda cans, batteries, printer toner cartridges, and electronic equipment, among others.

Confirm usage

In all main offices, we implement an in-office waste reduction program with an appointed head of office recycling who oversees the proper disposal of all the above stated items. Information about all our recycling activities are documented in an annual report for top management review.

Information for customers & suppliers

Our contracts and other general information provided to clients, partners, and suppliers include statements concerning our mission to maximize our potential to safeguard our environment in every respect.

Health & Safety


We prioritize employee safety to achieve maximum return for our employees and clients, and follow the latest ISO standards to reduce risk, improve workplace health and safety standards, and ensure that our company follows internationally recognized standards and policies for health and safety management.


As we expand our business abroad, we will rely on EMAS to help us improve our environmental performance, strengthen legal compliance, increase employee engagement, and save resources overall via transparent evaluation and reporting processes.


To ensure that all of the changes we wish to make as a business are fully embraced at every level, we will provide annual training for all employees and re-training as needed to stay informed workers and citizens.

Communication to staff

Professional and respectful manager-employee communication is essential to our work ethics. The bulk of our communications occur via emails and in-person monthly meetings. We strive to create a business culture that supports every employee’s optimal potential to work as well as to learn and grow, while minimizing cost and maximizing employment satisfaction.
Open, effective communication among team members requires a physical environment that is safe and promotes positive interactions. Our offices contain work spaces, meeting spaces, and support spaces consciously shaped by how information flows most effectively and how best to promote efficient discussions and planning.


Our compliance and ethics programs are transparent to regulatory scrutiny, and our employees understand the importance of their cooperation with these programs.

Reduce accidents in the workplace

We take responsibility for creating a safe and healthy work environment for every employee and also expect that employees are proactive in maintaining safety for themselves and others. We take care to discourage shortcuts, and to encourage diligence and awareness of work surroundings. On-site heating and cooling devices keep our workers safe in all weather conditions. All employees are required to verify their understanding of our safety procedures, including fire extinguishers, exit plans, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in case of emergencies.

Here at SKAOLOGY, we have built a community of responsible and educated citizens who are environmentally conscious, practicing social responsibility in their daily lives and inspiring others to do the same. We commit to operating in an economically, socially, and environmentally responsible manner whilst balancing the interests of our diverse stakeholders. We strive to be a leader in corporate citizenship and sustainable development, caring for our employees and customers as much as we seek to enrich quality of life for the communities in which we operate, serving as good stewards of a more holistically strong society.

– S.K. Aggarwal

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