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These are just a few words to describe Sandeep Kumar Aggarwal’s sky-rocketing success as an entrepreneur. He started in 2006 from his Manhattan apartment with three NYC interns. Since then he has built his empire with numerous accolades along the way. His passion and fervor for teaching the next generation to be the best is a large part of his mission in life. He feels that by investing in post millennial’s that we are securing a strong future.

Sandeep is the CEO and owner of the enterprise that he started called SKA Management. SKA Management is a holding company that manages different subsidiaries. The Broadway Investment Group (BIG), The World Concierge and The SKA Medical Group (Physicians and Dentists) are his main focus at this time but he doesn’t stop there. He is currently testing the water for his Real Estate Investing venture.

SKA Management is an active participant in Memorial High School’s Cooperative Education Learning Program in West New York, New Jersey. What he does is select the more advanced students who would love to be a part of his unique internship. He teaches them practical skills for the business world. He taps on developing their leadership abilities; the day-to-day company operations and other knowledge fields necessary to become a skilled business leader.

One of the principal skills is fostering effective leadership abilities.  An effective leader communicates with everybody in the organization, no matter what their job title is. Everyone has to engage with their colleagues; their boss; the management; the customers – whomever. “We teach them the functionality of everyday business operations… we advance their interviewing skills…they get great experience and exposure to the corporate world that most high school students wouldn’t get. Face it, most college students don’t get their experience until after they graduate from college. We believe that the kids should get this experience early on. That way, they would accelerate their own career advancement,” Sandeep muses. Leadership is crucial to the success of any organization.

Each student intern is paired with a different mentor. Each manager holds specialized skills within the company. The “hands-on, one-on-one” approach is a valuable learning tool. Just imagine, leaving high school and already having a business resume! A participating high school, like West New York’s Memorial High, who already has a low drop-out rate, are becoming the new norm. In addition, this high school has already gained notoriety for its’ high rate of achievement from its student body.

Kristine Guay, who works for MIT University’s Admissions Office, stresses, “Successful internships are a way for students to show that they are serious about their career choice…they are more valuable compared to a student with a 4.0 average who has never had experience in a corporate environment.”

A current student, Joel Arian Javier, is very aware of the wonderful opportunity that SKA Management had offered to him. “These opportunities are incredible. This has been my first experience in interning for a company. I was so thankful that I was given the opportunity. Everyday I left the business, I learned something new. I got inspiration from the managers. Sandeep Aggarwal empowered me to work harder in life.”

So at the end of the day, Sandeep concludes his day with a deep feeling of inner satisfaction. “Giving back to the community is what we are all about. That is our mission. Even though we are a private sector firm, we want to give back to the community as much as possible. Face it, without the community we wouldn’t be here.”

Sandeep envisions that his “local investment” in the millennial age group of bright high school students from West New York’s Memorial High will ultimately enrich the globe. As they mature and spread their wings to become successful business leaders, Sandeep feels great about them taking their flight in the world. He is fulfilling his purpose by helping these youths see a brighter tomorrow. Intuition, leadership, knowledge, and action are part of his entrepreneurial style.

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